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5 Crazy Things Only a NASCAR Fan Would Do

Posted by Katherine Darsie on Apr 3, 2017 10:10:17 AM


When it comes to fans, NASCAR fans are in a league of their own. Their commitment is real and they aren’t afraid to show it. We have put together a very entertaining list of five crazy things that a NASCAR fan has done.

Warning: The sights you are about to see may be the result of excessive Bud Light consumption. On your mark… Get set… Go! 

1. Hair grows back, right?

Nascar-Fan-Crazy-Hair.jpg Source: Google Images

We don’t think he visited the barber for this hairstyle. Oh well, shaving your favorite driver’s number on your head is a one-of-a-kind way to show your dedication. We wonder what they said the next day at the Sunday church service!


2. Want to see my six-pack abs?


Source: Google Images

This fan is extremely proud of his six-pack abs, but we know they weren’t made in the gym. What better way to celebrate a little NASCAR beer chuggin’ than with a six-pack tattoo? The fun will never end! But really… don’t forget that will be there forever.


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3. Let’s take a quick dip in the pool.


Source: Pinterest

We don’t blame this guy! It gets hot in the summer sun at a NASCAR race. If there isn’t room left in the kiddie pool, why not take an ice bath in your beer cooler? We think he’s got the right idea.


4. Rollin’ up like a NASCAR driver.


Source: Google Images

We thought there was room for one more tattoo on the list. This NASCAR fan couldn’t decide on one, so she got all three tattooed on her back. She certainly is rolling up to the race track in style!


5. RIP on this NASCAR Couch Tombstone


Source: Buzzfeed

While this spectacle wasn’t necessarily at the race track, we felt that it was worthy to add to our list. This $9,600 granite tombstone proves that NASCAR fans are (no pun intended) die-hard fans. Read the full story to see what we mean.


To sum it up, NASCAR fans are committed, devoted and extremely enthusiastic. In other words, they are an all-around good time. Next time you have plans to go to the race track, make sure that you step your game up! Gentlemen, start your engines!

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