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CarCareCONNECT Announces Diamond Collision Template

Posted by Katherine Darsie on Feb 6, 2017 9:46:00 AM

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In an effort to future-proof CarCareCONNECT’s collision website template library, CarCareCONNECT has launched the new Diamond Collision template. Check out some of its new features below:

Professional Look and Feel

The Diamond Collision template has a more visually appealing look than previous templates. Users of this template will have the option to select the theme color of their website with the following choices: light blue, dark blue, green, grey, orange, red or yellow.

Easily Customizable

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Because every collision center is different, the Diamond Collision template allows for sections of the homepage to be turned on and off based on your selections. Some of these removable sections include:

  • About Us/Why Choose Us
  • Our Work (Before/After gallery)
  • Our Services

The header and footer on the Diamond Collision template are also easy to customize. On the header you can list your company’s address, email, phone number and social media accounts. If your collision center has multiple locations, the template has the option to display multiple contact information sets.

Improve Efficiency

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There are also many tools that you can use with the Diamond Collision template that can improve the efficiency of your shop. Some of these tools include:

  • Quick Quote contact form
  • Testimonials widget
  • Promotions page
  • Appointment Request form (More in-depth version of the Quick Quote contact form)
    • Contact information
    • Dates dropdown
    • Image upload

Added Benefits for NAPA AutoCare Collision Center Members

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If you are a NAPA AutoCare Collision Center member, the Diamond Collision template has an exclusive section dedicated to displaying NAPA AutoCare Collision Center programs. You will have the option to display the following:

  • Warranty
  • Talent Network
  • NAPA Service Assistant
  • NAPA EasyPay Financing

Below the NAPA AutoCare section you can also rotate all of your affiliate’s logos.   

Get the Diamond Collision Template Today

If you are a current CarCareCONNECT customer and would like to upgrade your website to the Diamond Collision template, please call 1.800.591.8675 (ext. 1) to speak with a Customer Success Representative.

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