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Facebook Tips & Tricks for Your Auto Repair Shop

Posted by Grace Purdy on Feb 14, 2017 9:40:41 AM

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Facebook reaches over 1.23 billion people every single day and is widely known to be the most popular social network in the world. Facebook’s ability to reach people from virtually every part of the world (or more specifically, your local area) makes it the perfect setting to advertise your auto shop. But let’s face it - creating Facebook posts for your business can be pretty tricky. Have no fear, engaging potential customers with your Facebook posts can be made easy with these tips and tricks for crafting the perfect post.

Make it Interactive

Asking a question, encouraging users to comment, or posing a fun challenge to viewers are all ways that you can use your Facebook posts to interact with your customers. By giving users the chance to engage with your post, you’re helping to form a connection and conversation between your auto shop and your potential customers. Facebook users will enjoy the chance to give their two cents on your posts and as a result will start looking forward to your future posts.

Include Pictures or Links

Adding eye-catching images is an excellent way to make your post stand out in a Facebook user’s newsfeed. Photos and links make your post pop out from the rest when users are scrolling through their feed and will make them want to stop and check out your post. If your post includes a link to content on your website, Facebook will automatically pull a photo from the webpage into your Facebook post. If there are multiple images on the webpage you will have the option to select which photo you would like to appear next to the link description. You can click through several photo options until you land on one that best captures the essence of the link you’re sharing.

Encourage Your Objective

It is important to specify what action you want your Facebook users to take with your post. Do you want them to like the post? Share the post? Like your Facebook page? There are unlimited options, and once you decide exactly what you want to accomplish with your posts, encourage your objective within the post. For example, if you want viewers to share your post to their page, include something like “If you enjoyed this update, please share it with your friends!” If other users share your post, all of their Facebook friends will also be able to view your post as well, making a major increase in your page’s visibility.

New Call-to-action

Offer Advice

Offering a piece of advice to Facebook users is an awesome way to draw attention to your posts. For example, if you post a helpful tip on how to prolong the life of your car battery, Facebook users will see your page as not only a way to keep up with your business, but also a way to learn how to add value to their car. They will be more likely to reference back to your page when they need more advice on how to improve their car’s well being and ultimately your shop will most likely be the first one they think of when they need auto repairs.

Incorporating these tricks into your auto repair shop’s next Facebook post is a surefire way to grab the attention of other Facebook users. Make your followers stop and stare with your next captivating Facebook post!

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