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Google My Business Releases Photo Insights

Posted by Katherine Darsie on Jan 5, 2017 2:55:00 PM

Compare Your Auto Shop’s Google My Business Photo Views to Your Competition

On December 15, 2016, Google released the addition of a “photo insights” metric to the Google My Business dashboard. Google summarized the Insights update with the statement, “Insights are now available for photos. See how your photos perform compared to photos of businesses like yours.”

It is important for your auto shop to understand this new metric and how to view it in your Google My Business dashboard.

How to View Google My Business Photo Insights

To view your auto shop’s Google My Business photo insights, you must be in the card view of the dashboard. The “photo views” graph shows the number of times your photos have been viewed by Google users. The “photo quantity” graph shows the number of photos that have been uploaded by you.

To adjust the amount of days being viewed, click on the dropdown menu in the top left corner. You can adjust the timeline to see data from the last 7, 30 or 90 days. You can also hover over a specific day to see only data from that day.

See How Your Auto Shop Compares to the Competition

google my business photo insights
Source: Search Engine Land

With Google My Business photo insights, you are able to view a graphical comparison of your business’ photos to other similar businesses’ photos in your local area. (Note: If there are not enough businesses like yours nearby you may not see this information.)

The lines on the graphs indicate the following:

  • Blue line: Photo views for your business
  • Red line: Photo views for businesses similar to yours

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Why Are Google My Business Photo Insights Important?

It is important to monitor your auto shop’s photo insights because it can give you an understanding of how customers are interacting with your business online. Are visitors viewing the photos on your listing before visiting your auto shop? If so, you must make sure that your pictures are giving off a good impression.

It is also extremely beneficial to compare your auto shop’s listing with your competition to measure the effectiveness of the listing. Doing this will help you make decisions about tweaks that you may want to make to your photos and overall listing in order to keep up with and surpass the competition.

Don’t Have a Google My Business Listing?

Do you have questions about why your auto shop needs a Google My Business listing? CarCareCONNECT recently published the blog “Google My Business Tips for Auto Repair Shops” with reasons you need a listing and tips for how to get started.


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