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Google My Business Tips for Auto Repair Shops

Posted by Katherine Darsie on Dec 21, 2016 3:27:00 PM

3 Reasons Auto Shops Need Google My Business Listings

In the digital world that we all live in today, “Google it” is a far too familiar phrase. As the owner of an auto shop, do you ever wonder why your company never shows up in online searches? Maybe the cost of online marketing seems too expensive or maybe you simply don’t know the first step to take. No matter what the excuse, Google My Business is an important tool to use to ensure that your auto shop pops up when a potential customer is having car troubles. Discover three reasons that your auto shop should be using Google My Business:

  1. Without it, customers can’t find you.

When someone is stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire, make sure that your company is listed in their Google search for auto repair shops. If you have your contact information listed, potential customers will be able to locate you.

  1. Think you are doing a great job? Let potential customers know.

Word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising and there is no one better to sing your praises than repeat customers. With Google My Business, these loyal customers can write reviews on your auto shop, which will be displayed alongside your contact information.

  1. It is easy to track the success of your Google My Business listing.

With Google My Business Insights, you can track the number of clicks and calls that are a result of your listing. You can also see how many people have requested directions to your auto shop which will give you insight into how your customers look for auto repair shops.

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Google My Business Factors that Affect Your Local Ranking

As always, there are certain factors that affect your ranking in local searches. Google determines local results based on three factors: relevance, distance and prominence.

  1. By filling out all of the information on your Google My Business listing, Google will develop an understanding of your auto shop and the services that are offered. This will enable Google to match your company to a user’s Google search based on its relevance.
  2. When a user makes a search that includes a location term, Google is able to serve up results that are close to that location. If a user does not specify a location in the search, Google can use location-based technology to determine the distance of companies to that user’s location and list relevant companies nearby.
  3. Google also determines local search ranking based on how well known, or prominent, a company is. Both offline and online reputation affect a company’s prominence. Website links and positive online reviews and ratings will improve local ranking for businesses. Location in search results also affects local ranking, so make sure you are following best practices for your website’s SEO.

It is important for your auto shop to monitor these factors to increase your chances of a high ranking in local search results. By completing your Google My Business listing your auto shop will also be listed as a search result in Google Maps.

Quick Tips for Listing Your Auto Shop on Google My Business

Below are some quick tips for creating your auto shop’s Google My Business listing:

  • List your contact information as well as accurate hours of operation.
  • Provide descriptions of all of the services your auto shop has to offer.
  • Upload pictures of your shop. Potential customers gain a sense of comfort when they know where they 
are headed.
  • Ask your most loyal customers to submit reviews after they visit your auto shop. A little positive 
reinforcement will seal the deal for potential customers! (Also make sure to respond to online reviews whether they are positive or negative.)

All it takes is a computer and a few minutes of your time to make sure that your company has an online business listing. There is no need for an extravagant marketing budget when signing up for Google My Business.

By following these simple steps your company will be top of mind when potential customers are searching for businesses like yours. Make sure you are the first auto shop that customers call when they need an oil change, are part of a fender bender or simply need a car repair!

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