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Google Releases Top Car Brand Searches in 2016

Posted by Katherine Darsie on Jan 3, 2017 3:28:54 PM


Google’s Year in Search 2016 was released in December, breaking down the top online searches for the year. Globally, searches for Pokemon Go, iPhone7 and Donald Trump were top of the list, but CarCareCONNECT has narrowed down the list and is giving you a look at the car brands that were searched the most in the United States throughout 2016.

The top 10 car brand Google searches are below:

CarCareCONNECT took a look at the top five brands from above. Each car brand is broken down into its top interest by subregion as well as its top related search query. The results are below:

1. Honda


Image Source: www.Honda.com 

Interest by subregion:

    1. California
    2. North Carolina
    3. Georgia
    4. Mississippi
    5. Ohio

Top related query: “2017 honda crv”

This top related query is a search for the latest edition of Honda’s CRV. People were searching for new features as well as the CRV's comparison to the Toyota RAV4. 



2. Mercedes-Benz


Image Source: www.mbusa.com 

Interest by subregion:

    1. Florida
    2. Georgia
    3. Nevada
    4. Louisiana
    5. Delaware

Top related query: “mercedes-benz s600 royale”

The Mercedes-Benz S600 Royale became a top related query because of mysterious sightings of the extremely rare vehicle. It is unknown who actually created this vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz S600 was originally seen in a picture that was posted on a Facebook page and has since been spotted only a few times. A YouTuber and automotive photographer came across the car and posted this video:  



3. Tesla


Image Source: www.Tesla.com 

Interest by subregion:

    1. California
    2. Nevada
    3. Washington
    4. Utah
    5. Hawaii

Top related query: “tesla p100d”

The Tesla S P100 D is the third fastest accelerating production car ever produced. It has a 0-60 mph time of 2.5 seconds. This extremely fast car stirred up the internet. See it compared to a different Tesla model below:  



4. Lamborghini


Image Source: www.lamborghini.com 

Interest by subregion:

    1. Nevada
    2. Florida
    3. California
    4. New Mexico
    5. Utah

Top related query: “skrillex purple lamborghini”

In this case, the top related query is a song called “Purple Lamborghini,” a collaboration between DJ Skrillex and a rapper, Rick Ross. The song was written for Suicide Squad’s motion picture soundtrack. While this may not be your type of music, check out the video below:  



5. Volvo


Image Source: www.volvocars.com 

Interest by subregion:

    1. Vermont
    2. New Hampshire
    3. Maine
    4. Connecticut
    5. Rhode Island

Top related query: “volvo wedding commercial”

This top related query is due to a commercial from Volvo that became highly popular in 2016. The commercial caused a lot of discussion in 2016 as people were questioning the plot. Take a look and see if you can decide on your own: 


Looking at the top five car brand Google searches in 2016, it is interesting to see how many of the searches were due to pop culture. With changes in online search occuring, what will 2017 hold for the automobile industry?


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