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Improve Communication With Your Auto Repair Shop’s Customers

Posted by Mackenzie Eldridge on Jun 1, 2017 12:14:53 PM


What does a businessman, an auto shop owner, and a baby all have in common? Although they may seem like polar opposites, all must use excellent communication skills in order to achieve an ultimate goal. Whether it be a booming business or simply a toy out of reach, communication is key to success. By building a strong communication between your auto shop and your customers you can get better customer feedback which will result in better business for your shop. So how exactly how do you improve communication with your auto shop’s customers? These 4 steps will help you achieve excellent  communication skills which will yield happy customers..

 1.Make it easy. 

Have you ever had a dreadful conversation where someone doesn’t contribute to the conversation at all? Making it easy to communicate with your auto shop is the first step to having great conversations with customers. Be sure to be polite, approachable, and honest. This means get to the point and tell them exactly what is happening to their car/payment/service in your shop. Making things simple helps you and the customer stay on the same page. Keep things clear and simple by communicating in terms that aren’t too technical for the customer. Another good tip to follow is to drop the formality. Creating a “peer-to-peer” feeling between you and your customers helps the customer feel more comfortable in confiding you with their vehicle’s problems.

2. Use social media. 

The power of social media can help expand your customer support system past your auto shop’s hours of operation. Social media reaches far more than a simple face-to-face communication because social media can use multiple platforms 24/7. The doors of Facebook, Twitter, email, and text have are open to help you improve communication. The key to excellent communication over social media is to still keep it personal. Create relationships even if you only have 140 characters to do so. Use positive language that excites and reels in customers to your services.   

 3. Be personable. 

A key to bettering your communication with customers, is to simply be personable. Get to know your customer beyond when their next oil change appointment is or what kind of car they drive. People will respect your company if you create a deeper connection. Emphasize your company's values to your customer and make sure to respect theirs. Always listen to their wants/needs to help contribute to a better auto shop experience for them.  

4. Hire empathetic employees.

Who your employees are can really reflect the reputation your business gives off. When hiring be sure the potential employee fits the same values your company follows. Hire with customer service in mind. Be sure those you hire are friendly, personable and respectful mechanics that treat customers the way you treat them as a business owner. By keeping customer service a priority while hiring employees will enforce good communication habits for your auto shop. A conversation is a two-way street. Make sure your side of the street has spotless communication skills and the rest will fall in place with your customer!

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It’s a no-brainer that communication is very important in most aspects of life. At your auto shop, communication is crucial to helping you sell your product and get your word out. By making yourself easy to communicate with, using social media, being personal, and hiring empathetic employees you will be able to construct great communication between your employees and the buyer. Communication is a major component in a successful business, so be sure to enforce these elements into your auto shop in order to improve your communication with the customer.


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