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Improve Your Auto Shop's Search Results with Schema Markup

Posted by Burke Miller on Feb 27, 2017 11:35:43 AM

Schema Markup.jpgStandout in Search Results

Have you recently searched online for a local restaurant and noticed the address, hours and phone number listed on the side of your search results? That’s schema markup at work.

Schema markup refers to a specific way to code key local data on your shop’s website. Schema markup was created from a collaborative effort by Google, Yahoo and Bing. This format and coding is universally understood by each of the major search engines.

The idea for creating schema markup was to ultimately improve users’ search results by allowing search engines to better understand the context of key information on websites.

While having all of your local information listed in the side on the side of a Google search result page may make you feel a bit like people may not visit your site, it really will do you no harm. Keep in mind, your goal as a local business is to get customers interacting by calling or visiting because the ultimate value you offer is in your shop rather than online. It’s a key snippet of information such as a phone number that may have been all that the customer needed.

The beauty of schema markup is that it's the search engine language that allows search engines to better understand key information’s context. The better your website is organized creates its potential for it to rank higher and ultimately for customers to find you. Key information to be included in your schema markup includes your location, phone number and logo, citation and others. Without this structured data, your website is basically information with no context.  

It is important to choose a website provider that will build your website with schema markup in mind. Make sure that your auto repair shop stands out in search results!

If you’d like to learn more about schema markup, give our auto repair marketing experts a call at 404-620-3378.

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