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Mechanic Moments as Told by Tom Brady

Posted by Grace Purdy on Apr 27, 2017 12:00:00 AM

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If you’re an auto mechanic, you have probably experienced at least one of these moments. We’ve enlisted the help of five-time Super Bowl Champion and four-time Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady to help explain just how you feel in each of these classic mechanic moments.

How you feel when your hands are clean (for once)

Tom Brady 1.gif


When you a catch a glimpse of your reflection in the rearview mirror

Tom Brady 2.gif


When you finish the final coat on a new paint job and you get a scratch pulling out of the bay

Tom Brady 3.gif


When you finish a flawless repair and no one is around to see what a good job you did

Tom Brady 4.gif


When you find out you’re not scheduled to work over the weekend

Tom Brady 5.gif


How you feel when you get a new tool

Tom Brady 6.gif


When it’s a slow day at the shop and you don’t know what to do with yourself

Tom Brady 7.gif


When someone asks to borrow your tools

Tom Brady 8.gif


When someone’s lunch goes missing from the breakroom

Tom Brady 9.gif


We hope that you got a laugh out of these mechanic moments. Leave a comment below if there is another celebrity that you'd like to see tell more mechanic moments!


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