NAPA Program

CarCareCONNECT is proud to be NAPA's preferred web marketing vendor.

NAPA AutoCare teamed up with CarCareCONNECT to provide a web solution for NAPA Members and automotive business owners. The result is a turnkey online marketing program tailored to the unique needs of NAPA AutoCare members.

The CarCareCONNECT NAPA Program not only gives NAPA Members a complete web marketing package, but also comes with the added functionality of integration with NAPA marketing tools you already use. All NAPA AutoCare Members receive exclusive discounts on the CarCareCONNECT program, and it comes with the same quality you’ve come to expect from NAPA!




Get your marketing plan and FREE website

NAPA AutoCare members receive a free website, paid for by NAPA, when you sign up with the CarCareCONNECT program. Your shop's  information, pictures, and branding are customized for the website with an initial set-up fee. Then, we continuously optimize your site for the web so new customers can find you, and you get the new business you need. We offer:

  • A ready-to-go website, personalized to your business's details.
  • NAPA logos and branding.
  • Continuous web marketing and search engine optimization. 



Grow a Top Shop

Wayne Gunter, the owner of Gunter Automotive in Lawrenceville, GA, began working with CarCareCONNECT in 2009 to build the online strategy that made his local repair shop a highly profitable maintenance operation. With CarCareCONNECT, Gunter saw:

  • Increased ticket averages.
  • At least 20 new inbound calls per month.
  • An ever-growing base of customers that allowed him to expand to a new 8-bay facility. 





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 NAPA HD Truck Sites

Our new NAPA Trucks program offers four templates with truck-specific content. With our program, you can take your truck service center to the next level. Our websites offer:

  • Professional, responsive designs with color options to perfectly match your shop's branding.
  • Truck-specific visual and written content.
  • Sales Driver integration. 




NAPA Corporate Promotions

Let your website do the work of marketing promotions for you. We know consumers love special deals and discounts, so your new website comes ready to work with the NAPA Sales Driver. You can:

  • Integrate NAPA Sales Driver promotions.
  • Display monthly deals and specials on your homepage.
  • Attract new business with web deals and promotions.