Jun 23

Four Changes Made to Google My Business That May Affect Your Auto Repair Shop's Listing

Google, perhaps the most widely-used website around the world, was created in 1996 by two Stanford University Ph.D. students named Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Since 1996, the search engine has blown up and is the No. 1 search engine to find anything and everything on the internet. 

An important factor in search engine optimization for your auto shop lies in Google’s local listings, called Google My Business. The mission of Google My Business is to attract new customers with a free local listing on Google. This listing appears when people are searching directly for your business or for a local listing similar to it. It is a great way to get the word out about small business and also is helpful in your search engine ranking. Since the beginning of 2017, Google My Business has undergone some changes. Check out are four changes that will affect your auto shop’s Google My Business listing: 

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Mar 01

Attract New Customers with Google My Business Photos

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Aug 19

The 10 Most Important Online Directories for Your Auto Repair Shop

Why Your Auto Repair Shop Needs Online Directories

Remember when customers used phonebooks to find you? You know, those brightly-colored yellow books that used to be our go-to resource for local services? For years, simply paying for your listing in the yellow pages was enough to keep the business coming in. It seems like that all changed overnight, as there is no arguing the Internet forever transformed the way customers search for, find, evaluate and ultimately decide on a local service provider to do business with.

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Nov 26

Why Your Shop Needs Local Directories

"Link building" is the practice of creating links to your website around the web. Your website needs link to show search engines that it's well connected and legitimate. Link building is also a great way to improve SEO and the online presence of your auto repair shop. But did you know that local online directories create links as well? While these “links” aren’t as organic and full of original content as blog posts, when done right they are highly credible and take a lot less time and effort to create and maintain.

Give Your SEO Strategies A Boost

Google and other search engines give a lot of trust to online directories- they’re popular and user-friendly, so there’s less possibility of false content and cheating the search engines than there would be on a regular website. As you may already know about link-building, credibility is everything, so having approved listings on the major directories counts for a lot with the search engines.

Target Local Traffic

Appealing to a local audience online is one of the biggest challenges in internet marketing today, and local directories take care of it for you. When you submit a listing to a local directory, you are verifying that your auto repair shop is in a specific location- any time a user searches for mechanics or auto repair shops in that location, directory listings for that category will most likely be in the search engine results.

Tips for Creating Listings

Be as thorough as possible and fill out all of the information. A half-empty listing isn't helpful and might even frustrate some people. Though it may seem boring, it’s important to fill out all of the fields with quality information. Some directories allow you to include photos of your business- it's important to include photos if you have them, because they will make your shop stand out.

Always include updated contact information and link to your shop's website, if you have one.

The Top Local Directories

In addition to listing on the search engine’s local listings like Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local, don’t leave out these separate local directories:

Yelp (also a top review site)

Merchant Circle










Angie’s List

Get found with CarCareCONNECT! We'll submit your shop to over 130 local directories so you don't have to. Local directories submission is a major part of our online marketing strategy- contact us today to get a free consultation.

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Aug 20

How to Build Links

Building links is an important part of great automotive web design. When marketing your auto repair shop, there is so much to consider that it can feel overwhelming. It doesn't have to be that way. Link building of the past was time consuming, boring, and often confusing. But today, there are more sophisticated and effective strategies that can be used to build links.

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Aug 15

How SEO Works & Why It’s Relevant to Your Automotive Business

Making your mark on the Internet is no easy feat. Having a fancy website design is important, but there is so much more to automotive marketing than a good looking landing page.

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Feb 14

9 Internet Marketing Tips for your Business

Have you put a lot of thought into how you should market your auto repair shop? Long gone are the days of consulting a phone book when looking for a repair shop. Now people log on their computers and search for what they want through Google. If you aren’t participating in some form of internet marketing in this industry, you are missing out on a lot of potential clients.

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