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What Not To Do: Learn To Be a Leader, Not a Boss

Posted by Grace Purdy on Mar 15, 2017 11:09:50 AM

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When we think of how to lead a team we always think of the things we should be doing to be an effective leader. What normally slips through the cracks are the qualities of bad leaders that we need to avoid. Sometimes when we focus so hard on performing all of the excellent leadership qualities, we don’t even notice that we’re also performing some bad or counterproductive leadership qualities. At CarCareCONNECT we believe that it’s important to be aware of the negative sides of leadership so we have created a list of commonly used bad leadership qualities that you may not be aware that you’re doing - don’t be these guys!

Mr. “Because I Said So”


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If an employee is asking about the reasoning behind a decision you have made, they probably aren’t trying to undermine your authority, but just trying to understand your decision a little bit better. Explaining to employees why you have made a particular decision or put a certain rule into place creates an open office atmosphere and keeps employees from having a "you vs. them" mentality. Also, explaining the reasons you had for making a decision that involves your employees will help them to see your side of the argument, thus making them more likely to accept the rule if they are able to see the clear cut points you took into consideration when making the decision.

The Guy That Is Afraid of Change


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Don’t be a scaredy cat! Change is what allows businesses to grow into something bigger and better than they originally were. Fearing or rejecting change can not only negatively affect how your employees perceive you, but it can also hurt your business as a whole. When you are resistant to change your employees may view you as unprogressive and could make them think you have a lack of vision for the business. Change is a vital part of your business, whether it's changing your tactics to keep up with competitors or changing the direction your business is going in to branch into a new, better opportunity. We get it, change can be scary sometimes. But letting that fear get the best of you will not only hurt the way your employees view you, but it could also seriously hurt the future of your business.

The Know-It-All


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This one comes as a surprise to most people. It’s great if you can be a resource to your employees, but believing that you know everything about your company gives off the impression that your ego is larger than your willingness to listen to new ideas. Acting like you know it all gives an heir of superiority and makes you seem unapproachable to your employees. A member of your staff could have a game-changing idea for your business but is too afraid to tell you about it because they assume you’ve already considered it or aren't open to the thought of new ideas.

The Workaholic


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This is another quality of a bad leader that comes as a shock to most people. Working a lot is a good thing, right? Sure, working a lot can be a good thing, but working too much is not so great. Not only are you spreading yourself thin, but you’re also setting unrealistic expectations for your employees. If employees see you consistently staying a few hours later than normal work hours and constantly stressing about work, they will begin to follow suit. Once your employees start overworking themselves and stressing about work-related things they won’t be creating their best work and your overall office environment will gradually become more and more negative.

By occasionally taking breaks from work and making time for your life outside of your business you are not only exemplifying to your employees that they can do the same but you’re also creating a more positive work environment. If your employees take breaks from their work every so often to refresh their minds, when they come back to work they will be more productive - and the same is true for you.

Mr. Consistently Inconsistent


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This one seems obvious, but people do it more than you think. By being inconsistent in anything from the standards you set for your employees to the length of employee lunch breaks makes you come off as though you don’t have it all together. This will begin to not only frustrate your employees, but also make them begin to question your authority as a leader. Remaining consistent creates not only a more stable office environment but also creates happier employees.

Moral of the story: Don’t be one of these leaders!

The next time you’re holding a meeting or planning out your next move as a leader in your business, be sure to be cognizant of these bad leader traits. It is important to be aware of how your employees view you as a boss. We hope we’ve help shed some light on which practices to avoid when leading a team to help you be the most successful leader you can be!

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